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Here is the Dynamics 365 Solution (E009)

Have you wondered how to move that Amazing new Feature you created from your development environment to your production environment? Or how do you add that extra form that you forgot to add when you first added the entity? What about managed and unmanaged solutions, what are those and does it matter?

We cover all of these items as well as what to look out for when handling solutions and some real life examples of when solutions went south.

Introduction to solutions (Microsoft Documentation)
CRM MVP Podcast Episode 38: Managed vs. Unmanaged
Colin Vermander

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What’s on a Form (E008)

The form is a crucial part of Dynamics 365 CE as it allows you to view the information for a record. In this episode we review the classic form layout and do a quick comparison to the new Unified Interface.

How main forms appear on different devices
Create and design forms

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Publishers and where to find them (E007)

Did you ever wonder what a Publisher in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is? In this episode we review what the publisher is and how it can be leveraged.



Change the solution publisher prefix for the default publisher


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Views done simple – Episode 006

While the new features of Dynamics 365 may be flashy and exciting, it’s also important to understand the basics in the system. In this episode we cover the end user views and simple navigation including searching for a record, saving a view, and showing how charts and views interact with each other.

Understand views (lists)


Wrapping the System Settings – Episode 005

It’s time to wrap up the system System Settings in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. There are so many settings that we had to create two videos! Check out the General Tab settings video here.
Here is a quick recap of the tabs covered and links to the Microsoft Documentation.

So, you just became a manager for the first time . . .

Not sure if your career path is anything like mine, but the first time I officially had direct reports at work was 15 years into my working career. Sure, I had held various leadership roles in college and even at work lead committees and teams on projects, but the first time my job responsibilities included, “career advisor” to a fellow coworker has only been in the last year. What I have come to realize is that while leading a team is a blast, it also starts to shift how you are valued at work. 


This is the second paradigm shift during my working career. The first came about six months into my first job out of college. Fresh out of college, I landed a staff accountant role in Colorado at a small privately held company. Though I learned many valuable lessons in this role, the biggest came when I realized I was valued based on what I knew in my head and not what I could physically accomplish. Many of the jobs prior to graduating college were manual labor jobs including, bailing straw and lawn maintenance. This paradigm shift of being valued for what my body could accomplish, to the intellectual abilities of my brain, was crazy to me! Once I understood I am now valued for my knowledge, which is highly valued in the computer and digital age, I have sought to continue to learn at every opportunity. 


The second paradigm shift in my career came just this past week. In the last year I was promoted to manager and given responsibilities to grow a recent college hire. It has been an amazing year of learning and working with a professional that I have no doubts, will soon far outpace myself. While the year has been enjoyable, it has also been a year of turmoil as I struggled to find my place in this new world of management. After years of being evaluated based on my personal contributions and knowledge of the product, I was now evaluated on team performance and my ability to grow and develop others. While one of my favorite things about my job is to grow and mentor people, the devaluation of my personal knowledge and contributions to a project was a blow to my ego. After eight years of developing my product knowledge, the currency of valuation was changing along with my job title and responsibilities. 


Growing up we moved around a lot and I learn to appreciate moving and the change that comes with it. The opportunity to learn more about a new area of the country or world and meet new people and learn about their traditions has fascinated me. So needless to say, I enjoy change and the opportunities to grow and learn from change. With all that said, this change in valuation from individual contributor to manager was unanticipated and came as a shock. I had never heard anyone describe their metamorphosis regarding the change that comes with the promotion to manager. 


It’s an exciting time in your career when you are asked to manage others and to help grow and shape them in their career. Being given this honor is validation for all of the hard work that you have put in as an individual contributor and is the next stage in the evolution of your career. I would encourage you to be aware of the emotions you will go through during this paradigm shift and to be excited for the opportunities to meaningfully impact those whom have been entrusted to your guidance. 

Sales Process In 10 Minutes Out of the Box Dynamics 365 – Episode 004

Ever wonder how Microsoft designed the Lead to Order sales process in Dynamics 365? In this episode we go start with a lead entered from the web and follow it all the way through to an order.


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Be Consistent in the Small Things – Vlog 001

From Olympic athletes to everyday System Administrators, being consistent day in and day out with the small things makes all the difference. Being consistent in the small things is one of the most difficult things to do in life. The little things either get lost in the forest of work or they get skipped because they don’t seem like they are important enough to matter. In today’s vlog we review why it’s important to be consistent and how figure skating applies to Dynamics 365.

So much power! System Settings General Tab – Episode 003

There are so many System Settings that we took a whole episode for just the General Tab! Dynamics 365 empowers you to update settings at a system wide level that will impact all users. It is important to not only review them when you first deploy but to also stay up to date with them as Microsoft is consistently adding new system settings.


If there is a specific topic that you are interested in, use the navigation below to jump to that section.

Allow text wrapping in form fields labels and values – 1:44
Enable auto save on all forms – 2:30
Enable presence for the system – 3:10
Name Format – 3:39
Pricing Decimal Precision – 4:21
Share reassigned records with original owner – 4:36
Set blocked file extensions for attachments – 5:05
Display currencies by using – 5:39
Enable Relevance search – 5:48
Enable Quick Find record limits – 6:02
Select entities for Categorized Search – 6:48
Show Bing Maps on forms – 7:18
Enable country/region code prefixing/Country/Region Code Prefix – 7:49
Select provider for Click to call – 8:00
Users see app download message – 8:18
Use custom Help for customizable entities – 8:32
Global custom Help URL – 8:31
Enable Learning Path – 9:07
Disable Social Engagement – 9:20
Display welcome screen to users when they sign in – 9:30
For compatibility, use the legacy form rendering engine. Note that performance may be adversely affected. – 9:38
Show default app on landing page and in app switch/Default app name – 10:14
Display cards in expanded state – 10:23
Set session timeout – 10:52
Set inactivity timeout – 11:25
Set Azure Content Delivery Network options – 12:28
Key Take Aways – 13:32

Additional Resources:

System Settings dialog box – General tab

New Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 System Settings

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