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Wrapping the System Settings – Episode 005

It’s time to wrap up the system System Settings in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. There are so many settings that we had to create two videos! Check out the General Tab settings video here.
Here is a quick recap of the tabs covered and links to the Microsoft Documentation.

So much power! System Settings General Tab – Episode 003

There are so many System Settings that we took a whole episode for just the General Tab! Dynamics 365 empowers you to update settings at a system wide level that will impact all users. It is important to not only review them when you first deploy but to also stay up to date with them as Microsoft is consistently adding new system settings.


If there is a specific topic that you are interested in, use the navigation below to jump to that section.

Allow text wrapping in form fields labels and values – 1:44
Enable auto save on all forms – 2:30
Enable presence for the system – 3:10
Name Format – 3:39
Pricing Decimal Precision – 4:21
Share reassigned records with original owner – 4:36
Set blocked file extensions for attachments – 5:05
Display currencies by using – 5:39
Enable Relevance search – 5:48
Enable Quick Find record limits – 6:02
Select entities for Categorized Search – 6:48
Show Bing Maps on forms – 7:18
Enable country/region code prefixing/Country/Region Code Prefix – 7:49
Select provider for Click to call – 8:00
Users see app download message – 8:18
Use custom Help for customizable entities – 8:32
Global custom Help URL – 8:31
Enable Learning Path – 9:07
Disable Social Engagement – 9:20
Display welcome screen to users when they sign in – 9:30
For compatibility, use the legacy form rendering engine. Note that performance may be adversely affected. – 9:38
Show default app on landing page and in app switch/Default app name – 10:14
Display cards in expanded state – 10:23
Set session timeout – 10:52
Set inactivity timeout – 11:25
Set Azure Content Delivery Network options – 12:28
Key Take Aways – 13:32

Additional Resources:

System Settings dialog box – General tab

New Dynamics 365 Version 9.0 System Settings

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