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Views done simple – Episode 006

While the new features of Dynamics 365 may be flashy and exciting, it’s also important to understand the basics in the system. In this episode we cover the end user views and simple navigation including searching for a record, saving a view, and showing how charts and views interact with each other.

Understand views (lists)


Sales Process In 10 Minutes Out of the Box Dynamics 365 – Episode 004

Ever wonder how Microsoft designed the Lead to Order sales process in Dynamics 365? In this episode we go start with a lead entered from the web and follow it all the way through to an order.


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My settings, my way in Dynamics 365 – Episode 002

Having your Personal Settings setup and configured properly goes a long way to improving your user experience in Dynamics 365.

Additional Resources:

Set personal options
Why can’t I change my personal settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013? A simple fix to a big personal problem.

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